Connecting Hanging Assembly to Poly-tubing 

With any ¼” or .270 series punch perforate a hole to into the sidewall of ½” and above poly-tubing. 

Locate the barbed end of the weighted assembly and insert it into the perforated hole. 

Installing fogger into assembly

  • Locate the male end of the fogger

  • Insert the male end of the fogger into the socket of the assembly until firmly secure

Capping a nozzle

  • Identify the nozzle that will be capped off

  • Position finger on flanges of the nozzle and then twist, a pop should be heard

  • Remove the nozzle and then locate the cap

  • Position flanges of the cap vertically and place over the mister outlet, where the nozzle was removed

  • Twist until a pop is heard that indicates the cap is secured