Punch a hole in your 1/2" or larger mainline tubing with one of our punches specially designed to ensure an accurate size hole. Insert one end of the 1/4" barbed fitting into the end of the 1/4" micro tubing and once complete, insert the other barbed end of the fitting into the punched hole in the 1/2" mainline tubing. When you hear the 'snap' you are done. 

In addition to the image below, our videography team has made a video of this process which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dXByuYcgtM

Another Option to Connect ¼” Poly Tubing or ¼” Dripline to Larger Poly Tubing 

Item list:

Barb Tubing x FHT Swivel Adapter by Hit

Perma-Loc Tubing Male Hose Threads Adapter 

Polyethylene Tubing 

1/4" Polyethylene Dripline