Window Box Drip Irrigation Kit Buying Guide

About Drip Depot Window Box Drip Kits:

Drip Depot window box kits are designed to make it easy to install a professional drip irrigation system. Our kits come complete with everything you need to create a working drip irrigation system and hook it up to any standard water faucet or garden hose.

Window boxes present the unique challenge of watering plants in a narrow area raised off the ground containing very little soil.

Our window box kits were designed with the need for easy installation and frequent watering in mind. We incorporated 1⁄4” drip line in our window box kits as it allows for efficient water absorption in the window box which minimizes water draining down the side of your house while also allowing for more frequent watering cycles.

Our window box kits are designed to keep all mainline tubing up off of the ground by running the tubing up the side of your house and along the edge of each window box, which makes installing drip irrigation into each window box much easier.

The following useful guide was written to help you choose the right kit for you. It will show you how to design your own drip irrigation system, gather the necessary parts and information and it will show you which kit to choose to suit your particular window box gardening needs.

Step 1: Gather Information

To help ensure that you gather all the critical information needed to successfully choose and install a window box drip irrigation kit we created a list of questions below that will act as an information-gathering guide.

Questions to Answer:

1. How many window boxes do you wish to water?

Each window box kit is designed to water a set number of window boxes. However, each kit can easily be added to cover a few extra boxes or how much mainline tubing you will need. 

2. How much mainline tubing do you need? 

The best way to estimate the amount of mainline tubing you will need is to measure the distances between each box and also the distance from your water source to the first box to water. Add up these measurements and this will give you a very strong idea of how much mainline tubing you will need to complete your project.

3. Will you need to go in two different directions from the water source or at any other place in your layout?

You will need a tee fitting for every spot that requires the mainline tubing to go in different directions.  Write down how many times you need to tee your mainline tubing. 

4. How many places does your mainline tubing come to an end?

Each end of a run of tubing needs an end cap. Write down how many end caps you will need in your system. 

5. Will you need to make any 90-degree turns? 

Mainline tubing will kink on corners, so every turn must have an elbow fitting. Again write down how many elbow fittings you may need. 

Step 2: Creating a sketch

Once you have answered the questions in Step 1 we recommend creating a sketch of your project area. We have found that a sketch helps to visualize the area and ensures that you have not overlooked any detail, which may result in not ordering enough parts or incorrect parts the first time. We have enclosed a sample sketch of a project to show the details that you want to provide in your sketch. 

Step 3: Using your information to choose the right kit

Now that you have gathered your information and created a sketch of your project area it is time to use that information to choose the best window box kit for you. Below is a chart that lists the quantities of important items in each of our window box kits. Start in column 1 and work your way to the right by choosing the quantity that best matches your results. When you have finished with each column look to find the kit that best matches your needs.

Remember, every part we sell is available individually so if you find a kit that is closest to your project requirements, choose it and add the parts you need.

Mainline tubing (ft)
# of 1/2” End Caps
# of 1/2” Elbows
# of 1/2” Tees

No kit fits your design needs exactly?

Let’s say that you have accomplished the above steps and you still don’t find a kit to suit your needs. We can help! Just use the Drip Depot exclusive “Customize this drip irrigation kit" feature.

To start: choose a window box kit that is close to your design needs. This will become the template for your customized kit. Once on the item page of a kit, below the parts list or next to the "add to cart" button you will find a button that says, "Customize this drip irrigation kit". Click on the link to begin customizing your kit.   Below is a short video (1:30) that will walk you through how to customize any of our drip irrigation kits.


Installation Tips:

Although installing your own professional drip irrigation system might sound difficult, it is actually very easy. In fact, many of our customers who were apprehensive at first, found that the installation process was very easy and took less time than they thought thanks to our kits. You don’t need any specialized tools or training.

Don't forget a timer:

Adding a timer to your drip irrigation system is one of those extra incurred costs that are well worth it. It reduces the time you have to put into your system by automatically turning it on and off and ensuring that you never underwater your garden.

With less human error involved, a timer can do its job of ensuring that a regular watering schedule is being adhered to and that the plants are less stressed. Studies show that a less stressed plant will deliver a much higher yield so be sure to add a timer to your drip irrigation system and watch as it pays for itself season after season.  Shop drip irrigation timers

Lastly, every Drip Depot kit is...


Drip Depot kits use only the highest quality parts in every one of our kits to ensure our customers receive many years of repeated use.


We use Perma-loc fittings in our kits because they are durable, reusable and reliable. They offer flexibility and ease of assembly making our kits the best in the industry.

Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

Every kit Drip Depot sells is backed by a lifetime guarantee. We are confident that our kits, including the components within, will provide our customers with many years of use.


We sell our components individually as well as in kit form. This means that you can add to your drip irrigation system at any time without having to buy new kit. Our components are in stock and ready to ship today, making Drip Depot your reliable source for drip irrigation kits, components and accessories.