Drip Depot Return Policy - Updated 2019


Unused items 30 days or less

You may return any 'unused' item/s that does not meet your needs. To be eligible for return, all items must be accompanied by the original manufacturer's packaging and all printed material and instructions.  Items that show signs of neglect, abuse, or use are excluded from this return policy. To receive a refund, we must receive this order within 30 days of the order date and the item/s must be returned in the same condition as when shipped to you. Please start the returns process from your account dashboard. For detailed instructions please follow this link: How to return your items


Unused items 30-90 days

If it has been over 30, but less than 90 days since your order was placed. To receive a refund, we must receive this order within 14 days of return request. As a note, we are only able to issue refunds up to 90 days after an order is placed. Any unused items returned after 90 days will receive store credit. 


Returns including Kits and Tubing

Tubing return: A roll of tubing has to be in like-new condition, still bound, packaged and in resellable condition.

Kit Return: All kits must be returned with all items included. We cannot accept partial kits as returns.


Unused items 90 days or more 

Any order over 90 days is ONLY eligible for store credit. If an order has been placed over 90 days, please contact the customer service at support@dripdepot.com in order to get a return authorization for the return of your unused like new items. Once a return authorization is granted, we must receive the return within 14 days. Once we receive your return, we will issue a store credit to the account associated with the email address on your order. 


Defective Items

If the item is covered under our Lifetime Guarantee, we’ll replace that item free of charge for as long as you own the item. If the item is not covered by our Lifetime Guarantee, it may still be covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty, so please contact us at support@dripdepot.com and we will be happy to assist you further. Please see our Lifetime Guarantee for full details. 


Used / Dirty Items Within 30 days

If we receive an item that is dirty and not sellable, we will issue a store credit of 50% of the original sales price of the item(s). No used/dirty items can be returned after 30 days. 


Orders that qualified for free shipping when you placed an order

If you return items purchased using our free shipping offer and your order total drops below the free shipping threshold($49), the shipping charges we incurred when shipping the original order will be deducted from your return total.


Partial Return Example:

For example, if your total order amount was $100 and you are returning $70 worth of items, your new order total that you are keeping is now $30. Since your order qualified for free shipping when you initially placed an order and your total amount you are keeping is now $30, which is below our free shipping threshold, we will be deducting the actual shipping cost (i.e. $10) that we incurred when we shipped out your order. Therefore, the total refund from us will be $70 - $10 = $60. 


Full Return Example:

You purchased $60 worth of items, and returned the entire order. The order total is now $0. The $60 order qualified for free shipping, and the new order total after the return is below the free shipping threshold. The actual shipping cost we incurred was $10. This $10 will be deducted from the $60 return. Amount of refund: $50

Designer Returns

If our design service was used and the paid credit was applied to the order, when more than 25% of the order is returned, the initial design fee will be deducted from the refund. If you have questions about your design cost or refund amount, please contact our helpful customer service team at support@dripdepot.com.


We don’t do exchanges since we do not store any of our customers’ credit card information due to security reasons. Therefore, we have no way of charging you the difference if your balance is more than your initial purchase. You can send us the unused items back and we will issue a refund (order under 90 days) or a store credit (order over 90 days) for the items you do not want to keep.

If you ordered the wrong sizes or ordered by mistake, please contact us at support@dripdepot.com to let us know your return reasons in advance, that way, we are able to make notes on your order not to deduct the shipping cost from the refund amount. 

Exchange Example:
You purchased $60 worth of items and achieved the free shipping threshold ($49) and the cost to ship your order was  $10 from our end. Then you realized you ordered the wrong size of one item(item price is $30). Normally, if you return it, we will be deducting $10 (our shipping cost) from your total refund $30: however; if you let us know you will be placing a new order to get the correct item in advance, we will not deduct the shipping cost ($10) from the refund and you will receive the full refund amount of $30.


We are unable to cancel orders once the warehouse has started processing your order. To cancel your order, please visit your account dashboard to view the details of your order and click on “Cancel this order.”


11. Return Shipping

In the case of a defective or damaged item, we will send out a return shipping label. All other returns you are responsible for return shipping/handling. For detailed instructions please follow this link: How to return your items

If you have any other questions regarding returns, please feel free to contact us at support@dripdepot.com. We will be happy to assist you!