The Many Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation watering systems have many benefits, such as being ecologically sound, cost effective, provide a higher success rate and promote healthier plants.  Listed below are even more benefits.

  • Water Efficiency: When your plants need water, a drip irrigation system will provide that water with much less runoff or evaporation.
  • Root Zone: Your plants need water at their roots, and a drip irrigation system combined with a timer enables you to provide the water your plants need and targets the root systems, saving you both water and money.
  • Versatility: When you need the most versatile watering system available, you need a drip irrigation system that can adapt to any landscape and can be used for container gardens, vegetable rows and balconies. A drip irrigation system can grow with you as your gardening needs grow and can be used anywhere in your garden.
  • Conserves Earth's Resources: It isn’t a surprise that as the Earth’s population increases, using less water is an absolute necessity. Without a drip irrigation system in place, most of the water you use in your garden will evaporate due to the summer heat or be exposed to runoff and not reach your plants’ root systems. Drip irrigation uses less water and promotes lush plant growth offering our planet a beautiful and more abundant future.
  • Savings: Drip irrigation saves water.  With a properly installed drip irrigation system, you could see up to a 50% reduction in annual water usage for your garden.
  • Reduction of Pests & Weeds: Water that sits on top of the surface of your garden causes an increase in pests, weeds and fungal growth. A drip irrigation system directs the water at the root systems of your plants and effectively reduces pests, weeds and harmful fungal growth.
  • Ease of Installation: Installing a drip irrigation system is easier than ever; our kits require no cutting of water supply lines, and they route easily wherever your garden is located. Our kits can be installed with a simple pair of scissors and nothing more; and what’s even better, our kits are not only easy to install, they are very inexpensive and will save you money on future water usage.

A properly installed drip irrigation kit will save you money, help the environment and provide your plants with the nourishing water they need, where they need it most, their root systems. Drip irrigation systems can be used anywhere plants grow and will take less time to install than you would imagine and a drip irrigation system from the Drip Depot is a good place to start; we can provide you with the right kit for your needs.