Q. Do I have to dilute the fertilizer before I put it into my fertilizer injector?

A. No, each fertilizing injector unit that Drip Depot sells will dilute the fertilizer at the set ratio. Our Add-It fertilizer unit has a set ratio, while the EZ-Flo units allow you to adjust the dilution rate.

Q. When should I refill my fertilizer unit with fertilizer?

A. There is no clear rule for this. Each manufacturer lists the rate at which the unit will empty of fertilizer. So you have to use your best judgment on when you need to refill the tank. For example, our smaller units empty after 75 gallons. So if your system uses 25 gallons per hour and you run it for an hour each day. You would have to refill it with fertilizer every 3 days.

Q. Where in the faucet assembly do you place a fertilizer injector system?

A. A fertilizer injector system should be installed after your timer and backflow preventer. The reason for this placement is that hose end fertilizing injector systems are not designed to be under constant pressure. If you need a constant pressure system, let us know and we can locate one for you. If you don't have a timer, you will then connect the backflow preventer to the faucet followed by the fertilizer injector.