Contacting Drip Depot is easy! Our business hours are 7 am to 3:30 pm, (Pacific Time) Monday thru Friday. To send us an email, please click here: Contact Us

We sincerely apologize that we are no longer able to offer phone support. We strive to offer exceptional customer service quickly and efficiently via email. By emailing us your questions, it allows us to get your questions to the right staff member in the most efficient and time sensitive manner.  Our highly trained staff work diligently to resolve issues, and answer your questions, so you can continue on with your busy schedule!

Additionally, we have also found that having a written transcript of answers, solutions and information can be incredibly helpful. Should the same question or issue arise again, the information is easily accessible to refer back to at any time. 

Our team of Happiness Heroes (only at Drip Depot) are standing by, eager and ready to help! 

We look forward to ensuring you get the products, knowledge and/or assistance you need.

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