If you are interested in an EZ-Flo Hose Bibb system, or have recently purchased one, you are in the right place! In this article you will learn about the proper installation, recommended operating conditions, and common mistakes to avoid when using your EZ-Flo system. We hope these tips and tricks help you, to not only protect and preserve the longevity of your system, but also help to achieve optimal results and get the most out of your EZ-Flo.

Installation Tips and Tricks:

First and most importantly, do not attach your feeder to a hose bib or sprinkler line that does not have a hose vacuum breaker, anti-siphon device, or backflow preventer. Please note, a backflow preventer is not included with system. Here is a link to our Backflow devices selection. 

Install the hose bibb connection behind any valves or timers. Otherwise, the system must be turned off, and depressurized after every use. Do not install or leave system under constant pressure (with water on and no flow out of your garden hose or drip system).

Here is our recommended installation in a hose bib drip system:

Timer (optional), Backflow Preventer, Filter, Pressure Regulator, EZ-Flo Hose Bibb connector1/2" Swivel adapter or tubing adapter.

Here is a quick diagram of the set up with and without a timer:  

Recommended operating conditions:

Required: Minimum PSI 5, Maximum PSI 50

Minimum Flow Rate using Standard Hose Bibb Connector: 2.0 GPM (120 GPH)

Lower flow rates will require using Flo-Disc.

  • White Flo-Disc 120 to 60 gph 
  • Black Flo-Disc 60 to 30 gph 
  • Red Flo-Disc 30 to 7.5 gph 

*When using a Flo-Disc, pre-dilute products 4 parts water with 1 part product (25% Strength). 

When adjusting the system it is recommended to use colored fertilizer (100% water soluble only) in the EZ-FLO tank or food dye to adjust the system. Let the unit run for a few minutes to make sure the fertilizer is not flowing before installing or changing the FloDisc. If there is not color in the clear tube, the system is not flowing and a more restrictive Flo-Disc is required for operation.

Common mistakes to avoid: 

  • Do not exceed 50 PSI at any time
  • Do not install or leave system under constant pressure (with water on and no flow out of your garden hose or drip system).

  • Do not install system into an irrigation main line before a zone valve. 

  • Flush hose after each use to vent chemicals and pressure. 

  • Empty tank when freezing conditions are present.

We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful in the set-up and installation of your EZ-Flo Hose Bibb System. Should you have any further questions regarding these systems, or any fertilizing system, please feel free to reach out to our helpdesk, and our agents will be happy to assist you!