Weed Control

The early winter, when temperatures fluctuate between cold and reasonable, is a great time to get a head start on weeds. Take advantage of a warmer sunny day and go out and dig up some of the remaining weeds. This will help reduce those early spring weeds. Covering the garden with a layer of mulch will also deter weed seed germination as well as protect perennials, and feed the soil. 

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, Drip Depot also sells frost protection blankets.

Don’t forget to drain your garden hose!

In locations where temperatures drop down below freezing it is important to disconnect and drain your garden hoses. Remove sprinklers and nozzles from hoses and be sure to drain out all water and store inside the garage, shed or other location protected from freezing weather. Disconnect garden hose from spigot and drain. Roll up and store away from winter foot traffic areas to prevent damage. An easy quick connect coupling system, like Claber’s Outdoor Faucet To Garden Hose Quick Connector Set, makes this task much easier.