AlgoPlus All Purpose Formula

Well suited for all green foliage, whether garden plants, vegetables, bulbs, bedding plants or lawns. 


AlgoPlus Flowering Plant

Provides nutrients for bigger, better, and healthier flowers


AlgoPlus Tomato

Perfect for tomatoes and plant relatives of the tomato, inlcuding melons, cucumbers and peppers.


AlgoPlus Rose

Helps build resistance to black spot, includes micro-nutrients and magnesium to stimulate a generous flowering and healthy stems on the rose.


AlgoPlus Geranium and Patio Plants

Designed to encourage the production of flowers. Great for growing geraniums, pelargoniums, African violets, petunias, impatiens, hibiscus, and many other flowering plants with richer, more abundant blooms.


AlgoPlus Acid Loving Plant Formula

Designed to deliver the needed nutrients for plants that require a more acidic soil, PH 6.5 and below. This includes azaleas, blueberries, ferns, gardenias, magnolia and many others.


AlgoPlus House Plants

Ideal for all your green foliage and potted flowering plants, including cacti and orchids. Discourages abundant root growth which can cause potted plants to get root bound. 


AlgoPlus Orchids

Provides necessary nutrients and magnesium to stimulate a generous flowering of Orchids.


AlgoPlus Regenerator

Magnesium and micro-nutrients work to restore depleted nutrients in your soil. If your plants have not been fertilized well or have been in the same container for too long the compost is likely to be empty of all nutrients, which restricts plant growth and development. This has all the nutrients necessary to restore deficient compost. 


AlgoPlus Humus

Humus is a naturally occurring soil conditioner. One of the most bio-chemically active materials found in soil! It increases the plant's ability to absorb the essential nutrients from the soil while improving soil structure. While humic acid does not directly provide nutrients to plants, it compliments fertilizers and reduces input cost. 

Humic Acid (Water soluble black granule fortified with potassium oxide)