Q. My irrigation pump is not pumping water, what's wrong?

A. The pump may have lost prime. That means there is no water in the pump casing so it will not function. There are a few reasons this may happen.

There is no water at the source - 

Check that all valves are open. If on a municipal water source make sure the city did not turn off water. If all are open you may have an air leak in the suction side of pump.


Suction Leak -

If you have water at the source but the pump is not suctioning, check for leaks by placing plastic wrap tightly around the connections of the pump to hose and any other hose connections, turn the pump on and if there is a leak the plastic wrap will tighten up on the leaking connection. Repair the leaking connection.

Debris may be caught in your foot valve filter or strainer - 

Check for and clear all debris from the inline filter, the foot valve filter and the strainer. Make sure the suction hose is of sufficient length to submerge the foot valve and strainer fully below the water surface at its lowest level. As a note, if debris holds the foot valve open the suction line will drain and the pump will lose prime.

Here are some resources from Munro Pump that may help:



If all these suggestions fail to locate the issue please contact your pump manufacturer for troubleshooting assistance. If you have a Munro pump please contact them at:

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