Why doesn’t my controller open my valves? 

A controller not operating the valves in a system can be related to a string of problems which are, luckily, fairly easy to troubleshoot and determine the problem at hand. 

The biggest reason valves do not open when using a controller is usually because the solenoid on your valves does not match the type of controller that was purchased. AC valves are only meant to be used in relation with AC controllers. The same rule is true for DC controllers as well, as they only work with DC solenoids.

A DC solenoid valve will not work with an AC powered controller even if they are the same brand or manufacturer, and vice versa. An easy way to identify your solenoid type is by taking a look at the wires attached to your solenoid. If your wires are the same color, that’s an indication that you have an Alternating Current (AC) solenoid. If the wires on your solenoid are not the same color, that indicates the solenoid is a Direct Current (DC) solenoid. 

If you have purchased the incorrect controller for your solenoid type, there are still options to make your controller work for your system, such as replacing your solenoids to convert them to the solenoid type that will work with the controller purchased. 

Here’s a list of the solenoid replacements currently carried by Drip Depot. You will want to ensure you are selecting the correct replacement solenoid for the manufacturer of your valves when making your choice.

Outside of having purchased the incorrect controller type for your solenoids, valves not opening could also be caused by a faulty valve, or a controller malfunction. 

A great way to test a valve is to turn the solenoid on the valve to manually operate the valve. This will determine if the solenoid is not operating or if it is a controller malfunction.

If the valve being tested operates by manually opening, that can mean there is a programming issue at the controller. It is recommended to first check your controller’s programming for any issues. If no problems are found, you may want to test for electrical malfunctions. 

My valve (or valves) that were once working have stopped operating. How can I test if it is an issue with the valve or controller? 

A simple way to check if the problem valve is an issue with the controller is to start with the solenoid. If your other valves are still working, try removing a solenoid from a properly functioning valve and see if replacing the solenoid with the working one causes the valve to function as it normally would.

If the valve begins to work after replacing the solenoid with the test solenoid, you’ll want to purchase a new replacement solenoid for the valve. 

If the valve still does not work after replacing the solenoid with a working solenoid and you’ve checked for programming and electrical malfunctions as mentioned in the previous question, your controller may be defective. 

I’ve lost my controller keys. Can I get replacements? 

Drip depot offers several options for controller replacement keys. You will just want to verify you are purchasing the correct replacement keys for your controller type before making your final purchase. 

My controller doesn’t have a start time for each station? 

Not seeing a start time for each of your stations is a common error seen amongst most controllers that have a dial in their design. This programming error can easily be fixed by ensuring your dial is in the correct position it needs to be in, and not stuck between two options on the dial.

My controller’s display screen is completely blank? 

Check the power source of your controller. You will want to try unplugging the controller for 10 seconds, then plugging the controller in once more. Once plugged back in, the display should begin to show without error. 

If you are still seeing a blank display after plugging the controller back in, test that your electrical outlet is working properly by either plugging in a different item, or trying the controller on a different outlet that is known to work. 

If your controller display is still blank after verifying your outlet is working, your controller may be defective. 

My controller is continuously running or repeating cycles when it should be off? 

This common programming error is caused by the controller being programmed with too many start times. Many controllers are equipped to run with only one start time per active program.

If your controller is staying on or repeating cycles, you will want to go into your controller settings where your start times are shown, and make the needed changes to ensure each program only has one start time.  

You may need to power cycle your device after making changes to your start times.

My controller is frozen/showing incorrect information? 

Although sometimes alarming, this error is usually one that is caused by little to no human interference. A frozen controller, or a controller displaying incorrect information is generally caused by a power surge that caused the controller to freeze. 

If your controller is not showing accurate information, or is frozen, it is best to simply turn the controller off and then on again. Once the controller is powered on, it should reflect accurate and up to date information. 

I think my controller is defective. What do I do?

The best place to start if you suspect your controller is defective is to reach out to us! Although Drip Depot 

is not the manufacturer of the controller you purchased, our Happiness Heroes are will help you get to the bottom of what may be wrong with your controller. If you submit a ticket to support@dripdepot.com with a brief description of what is going on with your controller, our Happiness Heroes will get back to you shortly. 

With defective controllers, you will likely need to reach out to the manufacturer for the manufacturer’s expert techs to diagnose and deem the device as defective. Do not fret! This is 100% normal! Once you’ve contacted the manufacturer, just let us know what the final diagnosis from the manufacturer was, and we’ll help get you situated from here forward.