This kit is designed to provide irrigation for up to one acre.Will water up to 40 rows. 

Kit includes a large T filter with a 2" inlet/outlet.

Utilizes a 2" layflat hose for the mainline. 

Includes 5/8" 15 mil drip tape w/ 12" emitter spacing.

Includes fittings for up to 40 rows of drip tape.

Step 1: Gather Information

To help ensure that you gather all the critical information needed to successfully choose and install a 1-acre farm drip irrigation kit we created a list of questions below that will act as an information-gathering guide.

Questions to Answer:

1. How far is your water source to the last row that you need to water? 

This will help you find how much mainline/header row tubing/hose will be needed. You will need to measure from your water source to your rows. Then you will need to measure the distance from your first row to the last. This distance will be your header row, which is where you will run your lateral rows of drip tape down each row. When you add the tubing/hose required to reach your plot from your water source and the length of your header row you will get the total amount of mainline tubing/hose needed. 

2. How many rows do you intend to water? 

The number of rows correlates to the number of fittings that you will need. Our 1 Acre Farm Kit kit suggests a predetermined number of rows for the kit based on the number of fittings included in each kit. If your configuration is for more rows than the kit provides, then you will need to make notes so that you can add extra fittings to match your layout. 

3. How long is each row? 

This will help determine the total amount of drip tape that you will need. Add up the length of each row. For example, The max run length for drip tape with a 0.25 GPH emitter is 606 ft. at a 0% grade with a 90% uniformity. 

4. What is the flow rate of your system? 

If you haven't yet, I would recommend checking the flow rate of your water source. To do this, you will only need a bucket and a stopwatch. 

First - Turn your water source on. (Open the faucet all the way). 

Second - Grab your bucket and start your stopwatch! 

Third - Time how long it takes to fill a bucket to the top with the water source fully open. (Make note of the size of the bucket and how long it took to fill)

Fourth - Enter your figures into the calculator. The results will tell you how much water is flowing out of your source over some time. (Here is a link to our  Flow Rate Calculator.

Knowing your flow rate is incredibly important because this may be the deciding factor on whether or not you need to zone your system, and if so, how many zones may be needed. 

(For example, if the flow rate from your water source is 150 GPH and the flow requirement from your system is 200 GPH you would need to break into two zones.)

Step 2: Creating a sketch

Once you have answered the questions in Step 1 we recommend creating a sketch of your project area. We have found that a sketch helps to visualize the area and ensures that you have not overlooked any details, which may result in not ordering enough parts or incorrect parts the first time.

Kit doesn't fit your design needs exactly?

We can help! Just use the Drip Depot exclusive “Customize this drip irrigation kit" feature.

To start: choose a small farm kit that is close to your design needs. This will become the template for your customized kit. Once on the item page of a kit, near the "Add" button you will find a "Customize" button. Click on the link to begin customizing your kit.   Below is a short video (1:30) that will walk you through how to customize any of our drip irrigation kits.

Installation Tips:

Although installing your own DIY drip irrigation system might sound difficult, it is actually very easy. In fact, many of our customers who were apprehensive at first found that the installation process was very easy and took less time than they thought thanks to our kits. You don’t need any specialized tools or training and we even provide a useful video tutorial that you can watch before or during the installation process. Watching the video will save you time and frustration, so check it out.

Lastly, every Drip Depot kit is...


Drip Depot kits use only the highest quality parts in every one of our kits to ensure many years of trouble-free use.


We use Perma-loc fittings in our kits because they are durable, reusable, and reliable. They offer flexibility and ease of assembly making our kits the best in the industry.

Lifetime Guarantee

Every kit Drip Depot sells is backed by a lifetime guarantee. We are confident that our kits, including the components within, will provide our customers with many years of use.


We sell our components individually as well as in kit form. This means that you can add to your drip irrigation system at any time without having to buy a new kit. Our components are in stock and ready to ship today, making Drip Depot your reliable source for drip irrigation kits, components, and accessories.