The Automated Farm Kit is designed to water up to 30 rows. It can operate up to a 3-zone drip irrigation system including fertilization and makes automating your system a breeze.

Step 1: Gather Information

To help ensure that you gather all the critical information needed to successfully choose and install your automated farm drip irrigation kit, we created a list of questions below that will act as an information-gathering guide.

Questions to Answer:

1. How far is my water source to the last row that I need to water? 

This will help you find how much mainline/header row tubing will be needed. You will need to measure from your water source to your rows. Then you will need to measure the distance from your first row to the last. This distance will be your header row, which is where you will run your lateral rows of drip tape down each row. When you add the tubing required to reach your plot from your water source and the length of your header row you will get the total amount of mainline tubing needed. 

2. How many rows do I intend to water? 

The number of rows correlates to the number of fittings that you will need. Each row will need a tape take-off valve and a tape end cap. If your configuration is for more rows than the kit provides for, then you will need to make notes so that you can add extra fittings to match your layout. 

3. How long is each row? 

This will help determine the total amount of drip tape that you will need. Add up the length of each row. For example, The max run length for drip tape with a 0.25 GPH emitter is 606 ft. at a 0% grade with a 90% uniformity.

4. What is the flow rate of your system:

  1. Turn your water source on (fully open the faucet).
  2. Grab a bucket and start your stopwatch.
  3. Time how long it takes to fill the bucket to the top with the water source fully open. Make a note of the bucket size and the time it took to fill.
  4. Enter these figures into our Flow Rate Calculator, which will provide you with the water flow rate over a specific period. Here's the link: Flow Rate Calculator
Knowing your flow rate is crucial as it can determine whether you need to zone your system and how many zones may be required. For instance, if your water source has a flow rate of 150 GPH and your system requires 200 GPH, you'll need to divide it into two zones.

Check out this quick flow rate test video for reference: Flow Rate Test Video

Step 2: Creating a sketch

Once you have answered the questions in Step 1 we recommend creating a sketch of your project area. We have found that a sketch helps to visualize the area and ensures that you have not overlooked any details, which may result in not ordering enough parts or incorrect parts the first time. 

Drip Depot drip irrigation kits are completely modular in design. Nothing is stopping you from adding additional irrigation parts to this kit as long as you stay within the capacities and limits of the individual drip irrigation components. This means you can mix and match parts to achieve exactly what you want out of your new drip irrigation system. 

  1. Add this kit to your shopping cart, then add additional items to your shopping cart along with the kit. If you want more of the same items that are included in the kit, just find the item in the itemized parts list (below) and click on it. From that page, you can add more of any of the items that are included in the kit.
  2. Use this kit (or any of our kits) to build your own customized drip irrigation kit. Just click the "Customize" button above to start building your own customized drip irrigation kit

    Drip Depot Irrigation Kits feature:
    When shopping for your new drip irrigation kit, please look for the "Drip Depot Certified" label to ensure you are getting the highest quality items. If it doesn't say "Drip Depot Certified," then it's not.

    About Drip Depot drip irrigation kits:

    Drip Depot irrigation kits are the leading brand of drip irrigation kits in America. We have been designing and building our drip irrigation kits in the USA for years using only the highest quality components. Many of the components of our kits are actually "agricultural quality," meaning they are designed and manufactured for the harsh conditions found in commercial agricultural use. We design our kits with these components because we know they will last for many years without failure.
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      *Please Note: While we have compiled the best possible parts when creating our Drip Depot Kits, once in a while we may have to substitute one part for another if we are out of stock. Please review the "Kit Contents" listed below for the current items included in this kit. The image may not reflect the current items included in the kit.