When it comes to making sure your plants survive while you are away, success is a must. Even the best in the industry can make small mistakes that could lead to failure and potential plant loss by overlooking the small aspects of making sure your system is set for vacation when you are. Here are our recommended steps for getting your vacation watering system ready for flawless execution while you’re away. 

Order Ahead of Time

Be sure you give yourself more than enough time to ensure you have all of the necessary items needed for your project. Sometimes during the ordering process, you may forget to order something or incorrectly order something and it goes unnoticed until your order arrives. Be sure to allow enough time to exchange items, if needed, or purchase any additional items to make your system work as efficiently as possible. 


Batteries will be required for the timer being used in your system. Make sure you have fresh batteries ready for installation. These batteries will be the power source for your timer, so you will want to make sure to use reliable batteries that you know will work for the entirety of your time away. 

Test Run

Give your system enough time to do a full test run for the amount of time you will be away, as this will allow you to see how your watering system will function while you are gone from your project. By allowing yourself the time to see how your system runs, you can make any necessary adjustments to your system before you’re gone and unable to. 

Once Everything is Good to Go, So are You! 

With your system in place and any necessary changes implemented, feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy your time away! If you plan on continuing to use an automated system once you return, be sure to check your batteries as a part of your regular system maintenance. 

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