Drip Depot Vineyard kits are designed with everything you need to get started on the way to a bountiful harvest.

Drip Depot drip irrigation kits are completely modular in design. Even though this kit is completely self-contained and will work perfectly right out of the box, nothing is stopping you from adding additional irrigation parts to this kit as long as you stay within the capacities and limits of the individual drip irrigation components. This means you can mix and match parts to achieve exactly what you want out of your new drip irrigation system. If you are not sure which kit is right for you, just add this kit to your compare list to get a side-by-side comparison of two or more kits to find the kit that is closest to your needs.

You may want to consider the following when planning:

1. What is your flow rate? 

Here's how to do it:
  1. Turn your water source on (fully open the faucet).
  2. Grab a bucket and start your stopwatch.
  3. Time how long it takes to fill the bucket to the top with the water source fully open. Make a note of the bucket size and the time it took to fill.
  4. Enter these figures into our Flow Rate Calculator, which will provide you with the water flow rate over a specific period. Here's the link: Flow Rate Calculator
Knowing your flow rate is crucial as it can determine whether you need to zone your system and how many zones may be required. For instance, if your water source has a flow rate of 150 GPH and your system requires 200 GPH, you'll need to divide it into two zones.

Check out this quick flow rate test video for reference: Flow Rate Test Video


2. What is the distance from your water source to your last row to be watered? 

This will help you to determine the amount of mainline tubing that you will need to go from your water source to each bed. If you have not yet checked out our Buying Guide for Tubing we highly recommend that.


3. How many vines/rows do you intend to water?

Installation Tips:

Although installing your DIY drip irrigation system might sound difficult, it is very easy. In fact, many of our customers who were apprehensive at first, found that the installation process was very easy and took less time than they thought thanks to our kits. You don’t need any specialized tools or training.

Don't forget a timer:

Adding a timer to your drip irrigation system is one of those extra incurred costs that are well worth it. It reduces the time you have to put into your system by automatically turning it on and off and ensuring that you never under or over water your garden.

With less human error involved, a timer can do its job of ensuring that a regular watering schedule is being adhered to and that the plants are less stressed. Studies show that a less stressed plant will deliver a much higher yield so be sure to add a timer to your drip irrigation system and watch as it pays for itself season after season. 

Lastly, every Drip Depot kit is...


Drip Depot kits use only the highest quality parts in every one of our kits to ensure our customers receive many years of repeated use.


We use Perma-loc fittings in our kits because they are durable, reusable, and reliable. They offer flexibility and ease of assembly making our kits the best in the industry.

Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

Every kit Drip Depot sells is backed by a lifetime guarantee. We are confident that our kits, including the components within, will provide our customers with many years of use.


We sell our components individually as well as in kit form. This means that you can add to your drip irrigation system at any time without having to buy a new kit. Our components are in stock and ready to ship today, making Drip Depot your reliable source for drip irrigation kits, components, and accessories.