Beginner's Learning Checklist

Welcome to the world of Drip Irrigation! We are happy to see you here! The following checklist contains many great resources to help you get started!

____ Flow vs Pressure in an Irrigation System

____ Know Your Soil Type

____ Head Assembly Installation

____ Tubing Buying Guide

____ Poly tubing, Drip Tape, Drip Line, Soaker Hoses

____ Fitting Buying Guide

____ All About Emitters/Drippers

____ Planning Your Drip Irrigation System

____ Glossary of irrigation terms

____ 5 Drip Irrigation Mistakes to Avoid

____ Irrigation Filter Buying Guide

____ How To Winterize Your Irrigation System

____ Kit Selection Guide

____ Learning Center

We also have a large selection of kits! Our kits come with everything you need for a functional drip irrigation system! All Kits

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our wonderful and knowledgeable customer service team! Customer Service