Q: How far do I push my tubing over the Perma-loc?

A: You will push your poly tubing over the barbed piece of the Perma-loc fitting until it is covered. This will be about 0.5 inches. Check out this helpful video from our website: Perma-loc Installation 

Q: Are drip tape and tubing Perma-loc fittings interchangeable?

A: Drip Tape and Poly Tubing Perma-Loc fittings are not interchangeable! Drip Tape has its own tape-specific Perma-loc: Tape Perma-loc Here is also a helpful video from our website https://youtu.be/yR630QUlah0 and https://youtu.be/nvxb694w9RY

Q: How do I install Perma-loc fittings?

A: The swivel collar on the perm-loc fitting does not get removed when installing. You twist it back towards the middle of the fitting to expose the barb, then slide the tubing onto the Perma-Loc barb. Next, tighten the swivel collar by tightening it over the tubing. That's all there is to it. Your tubing will be securely in place and will not leak. Here is a link to a video on how the Perma-loc fittings work: https://youtu.be/8FuBM5r33NA

Q: What is the max PSI of Perma-loc fittings?

A: If using Tubing Perma-loc we would recommend not exceeding operating pressures over 40 PSI and for drip tape Perma-loc fittings, we recommend not exceeding 15 PSI.

Q: Are Perma-loc fittings available in ¼”?

A: No, Perma-loc fittings are available in ⅜”, ½”, ¾”, and 1” sizes. You would have to use barbed fittings for ¼” tubing.

Q: Do Perma-loc fittings work with every size of tubing? (all ½” sizes?)

A: It is important to know the Inside Diameter (ID) and Outside Diameter (OD) of your tubing! Unfortunately, there are no industry standards in drip irrigation tubing. Many of the manufacturers offer several different sizes of poly tubing in the ½” family. 

At Drip Depot, we standardize on ½” tubing with a .600" inside diameter and .700 outside diameter. 

Due to the lack of industry standards in drip irrigation tubing, compatible fittings can be difficult to find.  If you purchased your tubing elsewhere,  the inside and outside diameter to help determine your Perma-loc size!

Here is a link to all of our tubing Perma-loc fittings: Tubing Perma-loc 

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