Will you be updating or installing a new landscape? Doing some gardening? Then you will definitely want to utilize this landscape fabric to block those pesky weeds! And add to the overall aesthetic of your outside area. This fabric also allows for drainage and airflow which is vital to any design and plant growth. 

This can also be used for erosion control. It will certainly help with stabilizing the area it is used in, normally on hillsides or sloping areas. It prevents deterioration by giving the growing medium (grasses and various ground-covers) time to settle in and thrive without being washed away.

Once you have it installed it is recommended to cover it with mulch, soil, or decorative rock (pea gravel, decomposed gravel) about 2 to 3” deep. This is an integral part of having a successful landscape or garden area. 

As with most gardening & yard projects, landscape fabric comes in a variety of weights and sizes!

First up is our Pro spun Landscape fabric:

104 Series Home Choice 1 oz - Great value, very economical, good choice in perennial flower beds.

180 Series ECO Choice 1.5 oz - Better value, heavier fabric weight adds durability meaning longer life, great under trees and shrubs.

395 Series Performance Choice 3 oz - Heavy duty for long life and durability, great for use in foot traffic areas or with gravel/rock mulch and under pavers.

Landscaper’s Choice premium 5oz fabric:

This is a heavier fabric that should give it a longer life span and more durability. Resistant to UV deterioration and will provide better weed control and water retention.

Nurserymen's Choice premium woven ground cover with stripes every 12”

This is a top choice for nurseries and greenhouses. This 3.2oz fabric with a colored stripe helps to space & align your plants. 100% UV resistant adds to the longevity.

Gardeners Choice 2oz 

A favorite among the gardening groups. This 2oz durable polyester is great for all landscape applications and is available in several roll sizes.

And if you're looking for Frost protection or Gemination:

GCI Frost/Germination 5oz Blanket.

This is a white non-woven agricultural fabric used to protect your plants & trees from frost or to speed up germination at the start of the season.

This comes in the following roll sizes:

We hope this will help you in your next landscaping adventure! If you have further questions please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.