Your houseplants need more than just sun and water to thrive! 

Customers often come to Drip Depot wondering how to best feed and care for their lovely indoor jungles. Depending on the type of plants, we have just the items to get you on your way and deliver consistent care to your planty friends. 

Do you have some plants that have been in their pot a little too long and/or have depleted their soil of essential nutrients? I know I am totally guilty of this, and if you are too, you might consider some of the great options that we carry, such as:

 AlgoPlus Regenerator


AlgoPlus Regenerator formula helps to restore your nutrient-deficient soil. Your plants and soil will thank you as they grow to become the envy of everybody in the neighborhood, regardless of where you live!

AlgoPlus House Plants

AlgoPlus House Plants is ideal for all your green foliage and potted flowering plants, including cacti and orchids. Your plants will be healthy and beautiful while discouraging abundant root growth which can cause them to get root-bound(never a good thing)!

Speaking of orchids, are you having trouble getting them to rebloom? I know that was a personal issue of my own before I tried:

AlgoPlus Orchid

AlgoPlus Orchid contains all the necessary nutrients and magnesium to stimulate generous flowering and happy orchids. That is what initially got us to buy that beautiful plant, those oh-so-intricate and lovely blooms.

A good all-purpose item to add to your indoor plants’ soil mix (or into your water) is:

AlgoPlus Humus

Humus is a naturally occurring soil conditioner, and one of the most bio-chemically active materials found in the soil! Humus will increase your

plant's ability to absorb the essential nutrients from the soil while simultaneously improving your soil’s structure.

AlgoPlus Humus is extracted from the mineral anthracite, deep mined coal, by a process known as Leonardite. The resulting product is a water-soluble black granule fortified with potassium oxide. While humic acid does not directly provide nutrients to plants, it compliments fertilizers and reduces input costs. Thus, increasing fertilizer performance, promoting plant health, increasing soil water retention and fertility, and boosting seed germination.

If you're looking for more organic fertilizer, look no further than our organic  Vermisterra Earthworm Casting Tea. I promise it’s not made from earthworms, well, sort of lol. Vermisterra products will improve soil structure, reduce disease, reduce pests, and provide healthier plants!

The good microbes within Vermisterra Earthworm Casting Tea help to break down the other nutrients that are already present in the soil, making them more easily absorbed by the plants. 

Want to know just how thirsty your beloved Monstera is, or your delicate African violet? Because let’s be real; who amongst us doesn’t have a ‘dramatic’ houseplant or two?! I have two peace lilies that vie for the most dramatic plant on a weekly basis, and what’s helped me crack the code are the following tools:

Bosmere PH-Moisture Light Meter

The PH-Moisture-Light Meter by Bosmere is a great 3-in-1 tool that helps you identify and maintain the best growing environment for your plants. With this, you can check and keep the pH level (acidity/alkalinity) of your soil at optimum levels for your plants. Need to know what your plant's preferred PH level might be? Check out our Plant pH Preference List. The moisture meter on this tool helps prevent over/under watering and the light meter will assist you to best locate your plant, based on its individual light needs.

Bosmere Moisture Meter

Use this Moisture Meter by Bosmere to check the moisture content of your soil or compost to help prevent over/under watering of your patio or houseplants.

When it's time to re-pot or trim your plants, Drip Depot also has the tools to get the job done, such as:

Corona Hydroponic Micro Snip

This snip’s 2-5/16” razor-sharp, stainless steel blades feature double-beveled tapered tips to provide precise cuts. Soft-touch handles offer a sure, comfortable grip. A double-sided lock allows for left-hand or right-hand use, and a heavy-duty spring ensures reliability. The handle and blades can be sterilized to limit cross-contamination. I love mine! It definitely makes trimming the dead foliage or taking starters much easier and more precise.

Corona Hydroponic Finger Micro Snip

This compact micro snip features razor-sharp, stainless steel blades that allow for precise, detailed cuts. There is a spring, located within the handle that helps to open the 1-1/4” blades after each cut. The large finger loop on the ABS plastic handle provides a comfortable grip, and the push-button thumb lock is easy to operate. The handle and blades can be sterilized to limit cross-contamination

Curious about what to do when you're going on vacation or happen to be a bit absent-minded when it comes to watering your plants? I am totally guilty of that, so don’t worry about judgment! Check out our article on Houseplant Watering.

We hope you have found this article to be helpful and informative. If you have any further questions please reach out to us at