Why use landscape lighting? It's the secret to transforming your home and landscape into a captivating wonderland after dark. Imagine your desired features bathed in a warm glow, making them even more stunning and inviting.

But it doesn't stop there! Landscape lighting adds functionality to your outdoor spaces. Those common areas become usable even when the sun goes down. Picture cozy gatherings, peaceful evenings, and a whole new dimension of enjoyment, all thanks to the magic of well-placed lights.

Safety and security are also major perks. When your home is illuminated, it becomes a less tempting target for potential intruders. Plus, imagine confidently strolling along well-lit walkways, steps, and driveways without worrying about accidents. Even your pool becomes a safer place to relax and unwind.

So, why wait? Let landscape lighting enhance your outdoor world's beauty, functionality, and safety. Say goodbye to darkness and welcome a radiant transformation that will leave you and your guests in awe. Illuminate your life and embrace the enchantment of landscape lighting today!

Map Out the Project

Get started with a blueprint or a simple sketch to map out your vision. Photos of your home and landscape can also provide valuable insights into which focal points you'd like to highlight. Take a moment to envision the captivating elements you wish to bring to life.

Now, let's determine the perfect placement for your light fixtures. Identify the desired focal points and decide where the fixtures should go to showcase their brilliance. It's all about finding the right angles to create an enchanting atmosphere.

But wait, where should the transformer go?  A transformer is an incredible device that works its magic by stepping down high input electric current to low output electric current to safely power low-voltage landscape lights. Safety is key here. Ensure a 1-foot clearance in all directions, keeping it at least 30 feet away from any water features. Mount the transformer on a surface capable of handling the heat it produces. For optimal performance, place it as close to the lights as possible, minimizing the risk of voltage drop.

Remember, safety first! Familiarize yourself with local codes to ensure compliance when working with transformers. Determine the best routes for running wires and ascertain the appropriate depth for burying them. Your local regulations will guide you in making informed decisions to protect your landscape and loved ones.

To ensure a seamless installation, map out the wire paths. This step allows you to determine the required wire lengths, ensuring you have enough to bring your vision to life. It also helps you evaluate if a single transformer can handle the load of illuminating everything you desire.

So, let's dive into this illuminating adventure with careful planning and safety in mind. Bring your landscape to life, one light at a time, and bask in the captivating ambiance that will transform your outdoor oasis into a mesmerizing wonderland.

Choose Your Lights

          (Step Lights)

Let's Shed Some Light on Your Choices:

When diving into landscape lighting, there are a few important factors to consider. First, think about the wattage you'll need based on what you want to illuminate and the desired lumens. Remember, a tighter beam spread creates intense lighting, while a wider spread yields softer, refracted light. Light-colored homes require fewer lumens, as they reflect more light, while dark-colored homes need more lumens since they absorb light. Also, decide on the tones and colors you want to bathe in beautiful illumination.

Now, let's explore the types of mounting options available:

  • Stake mounting: Attach the light fixture to a stake and place it directly into the ground. Simple and versatile.
  • Surface mounting: Ideal for hard surfaces, this requires attaching the light fixture using a power drill. A secure option for various installations.
  • In-ground mounting: Install the fixture directly into the ground using tools like a spade, shovel, or post-hole digger. Perfect for a seamless, embedded appearance.

As for the light fixtures themselves, here are some popular choices (though this list is not exhaustive):

  • Spotlights: Versatile and dynamic, spotlights are great for highlighting plants, trees, statues, or any focal point. Point them up for uplighting or down for downlighting, adapting their purpose as needed.
  • Floodlights: These powerful lights illuminate large areas, commonly used for the exterior of homes, driveways, and patios. They provide wide coverage and brightness from above.
  • Up/Downlights: Similar to spotlights, they can be adjusted to illuminate either upward or downward, allowing you to create stunning effects.
  • Step lights: Perfect for safety and functionality, these lights are ideal for illuminating steps or stairs, either on the front or along the walls beside each step.
  • Garden lights: Transform your garden with these path lights that cast a downward mushroom-like glow, bringing your nighttime garden to life.
  • Bollard lights: Unique in design, they emit light in a 360° pattern, shining in all directions. These small posts create a captivating ambiance.
  • String lights: Add a touch of magic to your patio or trees with these charming lights, perfect for creating a festive atmosphere.
         (Bollard Lights)
        (Garden Lights & String Lights)

Choose Your Transformer

These 'low-voltage' transformers have a maximum wattage rating that you need to consider. It's crucial to stay below this rating to prevent overtaxing the transformer during power surges. Aim to be at least 20% under the maximum wattage for safety.

Once you've selected the landscape lights and determined the quantity you'll be using, it's time to calculate the wattage required for your transformer. Add up the watt rating of each light and multiply it by 1.25. 

For instance, if you have 40 lights with a wattage rating of 3 Watts each, the calculation would be: 3 x 40 = 120. Then, multiply 1.25 by 120 (1.25 x 120 = 150 Watts). Therefore, you would need a transformer with a minimum rating of 150 Watts.

To help you understand the relationship between transformer ratings and wattage, here's an overview chart:

Transformer RatingMax Recommended WattageTotal Number of 10W Bulbs
120W90W9 bulbs
150W120W12 bulbs
200W160W16 bulbs
300W240W24 bulbs
600W480W48 bulbs

When it comes to landscape lighting (low-voltage) transformers, keep in mind that they can usually support 2 to 3 lines. So, it's worth considering splitting your lights between multiple lines. By doing this, you distribute the power across several circuits instead of relying on a single large circuit. This clever approach helps prevent voltage drop, ensuring optimal performance.

Voltage drop occurs when there are too many lights on a single line or if the wire gauge is too small. Signs of voltage drop include dimmer lights, flickering, or lights that fail to turn on altogether. So, if you encounter these issues, it's likely time to reassess your wiring setup.

By strategically dividing your lights among multiple lines, you'll enhance the overall efficiency and brightness of your landscape illumination. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a well-balanced and safe setup for your landscape lighting. Get ready to unleash the captivating radiance and create a stunning outdoor ambiance that will mesmerize all who behold it.

Choose Your Wire

Selecting the right wire is a crucial step in planning your lighting design. It determines the wire's maximum length and the number of lights it can handle before experiencing a voltage drop. Most outdoor lighting wires are made of cost-effective and high-performing copper. Let's dive deeper into the wire selection process.

As you explore wire options, you'll likely encounter two numbers: the wire gauge and the number of conductors in the line. Common low-voltage gauges include "12" or "18" as the first number, indicating the wire gauge, and a "2" as the second number, signifying the two conductors within the wire. For example, you might see specifications like 12/2 or 18/2.

To help you make an informed decision, here's a concise overview chart of wire sizes and their corresponding maximum wattage (based on a 12V power supply):

Wire GaugeThickness (in.)Thickness (mm.)Maximum Wattage (per run)

Choose Your Splicing Materials & Connectors

As you embark on your landscape lighting journey, make sure you have a cable stripping tool on hand! This handy tool ensures clean and precise wire preparation. Once your connections are made, consider using cable ties to neatly bundle your wires before burying them. This simple step keeps everything organized and secure.

When it comes to connectors, you have a few options to choose from. Here are a few popular ones:

  • Electrical Tape: A basic and budget-friendly choice, electrical tape can be used to secure and insulate wire connections. While it gets the job done, keep in mind that it may require occasional maintenance.
  • Wire Nuts: These twist-on connectors provide a reliable and secure connection for your wires. They are easy to use and widely available, making them a convenient option.
  • Splice Kits: Although slightly more expensive, splice kits are worth the investment. These reliable kits are designed for direct bury connections and offer excellent water and moisture protection up to 600 volts. They provide peace of mind and ensure long-lasting connections.

Choose the connector option that best suits your needs and budget. Whether you opt for the simplicity of electrical tape, the convenience of wire nuts, or the durability of splice kits, make sure your connections are secure and protected.

Installation Tips

Get Digging: Use a shovel or trenching tool to bury your wires safely and securely. Digging a trench allows you to conceal the wires while keeping them protected.

Follow Local Codes: Always refer to local codes and regulations to ensure compliance with electrical and safety standards. Stay informed and ensure your installation meets the necessary requirements.

Clear the Way: Before laying your wires, clear a path to ensure a smooth and obstacle-free installation. Remove any obstructions or debris along the intended wire route.

Mark it Up: Consider using spray paint to mark the path of your wires. This helps visually guide your installation and prevents accidental damage to existing water lines or irrigation systems.

Prepare your Fixtures: Take all lights out of their boxes before installation. Prepare the fixtures by installing bulbs and attaching mounts, ensuring they are ready for installation.

Leave Room to Maneuver: When running wires, leave approximately five extra feet of wire at each light. This extra length allows for easier future changes or repairs, giving you flexibility down the line.

Bundle and Bury: After connecting wires to the lights, bundle any excess wire using cable ties. Then bury the extra wire directly under or next to the light fixture. This smart step helps locate the wires in the future if needed, ensuring convenience and ease.

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Landscape Lights from Drip Depot

Picture & LinkDetailsAvailable Data Sheets

Hydro-Rain LED Landscape Spotlight

Durable corrosion and weather resistant aluminum construction

Output of 210 lumens of soft warm light

CREE LED and Driver provide 50,000 hour life expectancy

18 gauge wire lead

Heavy duty 8" spike included

Spec Sheet


Hydro-Rain LED Landscape Pathlight 

Made of durable, weather resistant aluminum

Available in Black or Textured Bronze

Puts out 210 lumens of soft, warm light

Includes 8" mounting stake

Life expectancy: 50,000 hours

18 gauge wire lead


Spec Sheet 

WAC Accent 12V LED Landscape Spot Light 

Adjustable and lockable beam angle

Integral dimmer

Solid diecast brass or corrosion resistant aluminum

Factory sealed water tight fixtures

Mounting stake, 6' lead wire and direct burial gel filled wire nuts included

Maintains constant lumen output against voltage drop



WAC Accent 12V LED Landscape Mini Spot Light 

Continuously Adjustable Beam Angles. Indexed at 100 , 25°, 40°, 50°

Continuously Adjustable brightness control. Indexed at 1W, 2W, 4W, 6W, 7W

Solid die-cast brass or corrosion resistant aluminum

Factory sealed water tight fixtures

Can be used as an uplight or downlight

Mounting stake, detachable shroud, 6' lead wire and direct burial gel filled wire nuts included



WAC Accent 12V InterBeam Light 

Continuously Adjustable Beam Angles. Indexed at 20°, 35°, 60°

Corrosion resistant aluminum

Factory sealed water tight fixtures

Constant output for 9V-15V input

Mounting stake, detachable shroud, 6' lead wire and direct burial gel filled wire nuts included

MLV dimmable with remote MLV dimmers



WAC LED 12V Hardscape Quick Release Luminaire with Dual CCT 

Quick release connection at the fixture to easily detach after installation 

Integral brightness control, select color temperature option

Hardscape easily detaches from capstone bracket after installation

10 yrs warranty



WAC 12V Mini Tiki Path Light 

Factory sealed water tight fixtures

Solid die-cast corrosion resistant aluminum alloy

Mounting stake, 6 foot lead wire, and direct burial gel filled wire nuts are included

Maintains constant lumen output against voltage drop



WAC Balance Path Light 

Factory sealed water tight fixtures

Solid die-cast corrosion resistant aluminum alloy

Mounting stake, 6 foot lead wire, and direct burial gel filled wire nuts are included

Maintains constant lumen output against voltage drop



Hydro-Rain 6" LED Landscape Spotlight 

Durable corrosion and weather resistant aluminum construction

18 gauge wire lead

Includes durable 8" stake

Spec Sheet 


Hydro-Rain 12" LED Landscape Pathlight 

Constructed of durable weather resistant aluminum

Available in elegant textured bronze finish

Includes 8" mounting stake

18 gauge wire lead

Spec Sheet 

Hydro-Rain Lighting Motion Sensor 
Hydro-Rain's HRL Motion Sensor gives that added flexibility to your outdoor lighting control. Use in conjunction with Hydro-Rain's three station LED Landscape Lighting Controller for the ultimate lighting control. The sensor can be mounted on any wall surface or placed within your landscaped area on the stake included in your purchase. Unit has a 120° motion detection angle and a range of 40'. Includes 8' wire lead with 22 AWG wires.

Motion Sensor 

Transformers from Drip Depot

Picture & LinkDetailsAvailable Data Sheets

300 Watt WAC 12V Taps Magnetic Transformer 

Taps for 12V, 13V, 14V and 15V

Knock outs for power and photo sensor connections

3-prong outlet for timer

6' lead wire

Input: 120VAC

Output:  300W / 300VA

Recommended with a transformer timer



150 Watt WAC 12V Taps Magnetic Transformer

Taps for 12V, 13V, 14V and 15V

Knock outs for power and photo sensor connections

3-prong outlet for timer

6' lead wire

Input: 120VAC

Output:  150W / 150VA

Recommended with a transformer timer



Hydro-Rain LED Landscape Lighting Controller 

Three fully independent programmable stations

Easy to program

6 Independent Start Times

60 Watt transformer 12v AC/DC

Includes light sensor with 10' cable

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Year

Power Cord Length: Approx 5.5’

No separate transformer timer needed


Spec Sheet 

Transformer Timers from Drip Depot

Picture & LinkDetailsAvailable Data Sheets

Paige Outdoor Mechanical Timer 

Allows 2-on and 2-off settings per day

Designed to operate at higher temperatures than indoor rated timers / UV Resistant

Operating temperature Range: -20°F to 140°F

Unit enclosed in a NEMA 3R outdoor transformer enclosure

Mechanical Timer 

 Indoor Digital Astronomical Timer 

Individually selectable active days

Easy to read liquid crystal display

Dual timed receptacles go on and off simultaneously. One on the left side and the one on the right side of the timer

Digital timing accuracy to one minute per year

In case of power failure the timer is equipped with rechargeable battery backup. The time and program will be retained for 3 months of when fully charged

Unit can be programmed while unplugged and taken to a job site

Tork Digital Timer 

Tork 458Z Instruction Manual.pdf 

Splicing Materials from Drip Depot

Picture & LinkDetailsAvailable Data Sheets

Ideal WeatherProof Silicone Filled Wire Nuts

Pre-filled with 100% silicone sealant

The WeatherProof™ line is intended for use in direct burial or temporary submersion

Impact and UV resistant for withstanding harsh outdoor conditions

Winged designed cap allows more leverage for better torque ability

For use with copper wire only

Small, medium, and large packs available

Silicone Wire Nuts 

3M Cable Ties Bags of 100 by Paige 

High quality nylon cable ties from 3M Company, a name you can trust

Black for UV and weather resistance

Resistant to chemicals such as fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, etc.

Self-locking head with heavy double teeth for added strength

Available in: 8”, 11”, and 15”

3M Direct Bury Splice Kit by Paige 

2 - 3M "Performance Plus" Electrical Spring Connectors for fast reliable connections

2 - Polypropylene tubes, pre-filled with moisture resistant gel 

Operating Temperature: -40°F to 221°F

Available in: small and medium

Direct Bury 

3M Rubber Splicing Tape by Paige 

Electrical splicing tape insulates jointing and terminating applications

Ethylene Propylene Rubber backing is highly conformable to wrap snugly over most any shape

Self-amalgamating tape fuses to itself to create a solid piece of rubber

Stretches up to 100% to provide void-free, moisture resistant insulation

Temperature rated for continuous adhesion to 194° F 

Dimensions: 3/4" W x 30' Linear

3M Splicing Tape 

  Paige Cable Stripping Tool 

Swivel blade to facilitate circular, spiral, and longitudinal cuts

Includes replacement cutting blade

Cable diameter range of 0.18"-1.00"

Maximum incision depth of 0.188" 

Cable Stripping Tool 

Electrical Wire from Drip Depot

Visit the Paige Electric Conduit Calculator for proper conduit sizing requirements if needed.

Picture & LinkDetailsAvailable Data Sheets

Paige 18 AWG/ 2 Low Voltage Lighting Cable 

Meets UL, ETL and CSA standards

UV resistant

Identification markings imprinted or ink printed on outer cable jacket

Available roll lengths: 250ft and 500ft

Low Voltage Lighting Cable 

Paige 12 AWG/ 2 Low Voltage Lighting Cable 

Meets UL, ETL, and CSA standards

UV resistant

Identification markings imprinted or ink printed on outer cable jacket

Available roll lengths: 100ft, 250ft, 500ft, and 1000ft


Solar Landscape Lights from Drip Depot

Picture & LinkDetails

Solar LED Path Light 

LED Light Source: 20 LED 2835SDM

Solar Panel: 5V 200MA 1W mono-crystalline silicon panel PET laminate

Battery: 3.7V 2200MAH Li-ion #18650

Luminous Flux: 200LM

Lighting Time: 8 hours on full charge

IP65 waterproof rating

Stainless Steel Solar PathLight 

Nickel Hydrogen rechargeable battery 300 mAh

Durable construction from stainless steel, glass, and plastic

2V 120MA Polycrystalline energy plate

Charging Time: 6 hours

Working Time: 6 - 8 hours

Durable Black ABS Solar PathLights 

Noncrystalline Silicon energy panel

Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (included)

Material: ABS/PS plastics

Dimensions: approximately 3.5" x 15.3"

Waterproof Solar Stake Light 

Durable ABS construction for reliability in all weather conditions

Polysilicon solar panel

NiMH 800mAh Battery

Lighting Duration: Up to 13 hours (with full charge)

Waterproof Rating: IP65

Operating Temperature Range: 14°-131° F

Solar Candle Yard Light 

1 LED light

Solar Panel: 2V/40mA amorphous silicon

Battery: 200mAh Ni-MH

Material: ABS and PVC plastics

Lighting Time: Up to 8 hours

White Globe Solar Light 

Durable construction: PP (polypropylene) and PVC plastics

1 LED bulb, 1.2V / 0.5W

Battery: 1.2V 400mAh

Charging time: 6 - 8 hours

Working time: 8+ hours

Approximate Product Dimensions: Globe 4" diameter; Stake/Light Post 10"

Solar Deck or Fence Light

Durable Construction: PVC and ABS

Charging Time: 4 -5 hours

Working Time: 8 - 10 hours

1 pc LED, Brightness 11000 - 13000 MCD

Battery: 1.2V 400mAh

Ratings: IP65

Compact Size: 1.77" x 1.77" x 3.15"

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to our wonderful and knowledgeable Customer Service team! https://help.dripdepot.com/support/tickets/new