We deeply apologize if any tubing you have received is kinked! We appreciate the opportunity to help out and make it right! Upon discovering this, the best first step is to contact us here at support@dripdepot.com and our helpful agents will get you taken care of asap!

A few things you can do to expedite this process!

1. Please send pictures of the kinks (if more than one) 

2. Please send a picture of the entire roll/packaging (please note any damages, if any)

3. Please send a picture of the batch label/tubing label 

If there is only one kink or minor kinking, feel free to proceed with rolling the tubing out and letting it relax in the sun. If this does not resolve the issue, please let us know! 

If you have extreme kinking or many kinks in the tubing, you may want to refrain from unrolling or uncoiling before contacting us.