Q: What is a circuit loop system?

A: The idea of a circuit loop system is to provide better flow throughout your irrigation system by connecting multiple mainlines or connecting your mainline all the way around your emitter lines.

Q: Do circuit loop systems provide better flow?

A: No! There has never actually been a study done to prove that circuit systems improve your flow rate. 

Q: Why not do a circuit loop irrigation system?

A: The biggest reason to not do a circuit loop system is that it does not actually provide a better flow rate, therefore, you would be using more fittings and more tubing for no specific reason, which can get expensive!

Q: What is good about a circuit loop system?

A: Although all of the extra product is unnecessary, circuit loop systems can be more appealing to the eye! Especially when formed into a grid. It makes everything look nice and even and well-constructed!

Q. In a continuous loop system, would a header line and footer line be considered a continuous loop even if the mainline does not connect between the footer and header?

A: Yes! Anything with a header and a footer row is considered a circuit loop system!

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