If you're concerned about the status of your delivery, we're here to help!

If your shipment has been marked as 'delivered' by the carrier but you did not receive the package: 

1. Please thoroughly check your driveway, yard, front porch, garage, mailbox, and anywhere else the carrier could have placed the package. Please keep in mind, that many carriers will attempt to stealthily hide the package to detour thieves. 

2. Please check will all residents, employees, family, or friends who may have received the package on your behalf. If your delivery address has a mailroom on site, please check with the mailroom or any other departments that might have received the delivery. 

3. Once you've confirmed it is not on the property, please reach out to us immediately so we can open an investigation with the carrier. The sooner you reach out to us, the better the carrier can investigate, and oftentimes, the faster a resolution can be reached! (Please note, all carriers require a claim and investigation to be initiated within 7-14 days of the delivery date to investigate)

If your shipment has been marked as 'delayed' or 'pending' while in transit:

double-check1. Please double check the address that the shipment was addressed to is 100% correct and able to be reached. Incorrect addresses, street numbers, or zip codes can cause delivery delays and possibly cause the shipment to be returned to the shipper if the address is nonexistent. If you discover an error was made in the address, please notify us immediately

2. Please check and consider the current weather conditions in your area and the potential impacts it may have on transportation (Weather events can drastically impact carriers' abilities to deliver to certain areas). 

If you are in a location experiencing extreme weather, we recommend reaching out to your local carrier to check on operations during the current conditions. Most will keep their websites updated to reflect any current weather delays.