Q: What is flow rate?

A: Flow rate is defined as the amount of water that moves through or is emitted from your water source, irrigation system, or component over a certain period of time. Flow rate is measured in GPH(gallons per hour) and GPM (gallons per minute). 

Q: What is the difference between flow rate and pressure?

A: Flow rate measures the volume of water flowing through your system, while pressure is the measure of the force exerted over an object or surface area. Pressure is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch).

Q: How do I calculate flow rate?

A: With our Flow Rate Calculator and Instructions!

Q: How do I determine the flow rate requirements of my system?

A: You first need to determine the flow rate of your system using the calculator and instructions provided above. Now you must calculate the flow rate your system will require. To do this, you need to add together every emitter you plan to use and multiply by the flow rate of those emitters. For example: If you have a total of 200 emitters with a flow rate of 0.5 GPH (200 emitters x 0.5GPH) then your system needs to be able to water 100 GPH.  

Q: How will I know if I need to zone my system?

A: If your water sources flow rate is a number below the flow rate requirements of your system then you will need to zone your system! For example: if the flow rate of my system is 200 GPH but I need to be able to use a total of 600 GPH, I will need to separate my system into three zones with three different watering times. 

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