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Save your fingers! Trust me on this one....

I was having a considerable amount of trouble installing anything to the 1/4" tubing I was using, even with the tool I had purchased for the specific purpose. I have pretty strong hands and yet the material I was using ([Brand removed] 1/4" tubing) was so stiff that it was impossible to push on the drippers or barbs I was using. even when I used HOT water to pre-soften the tubing, In fact, it was such a struggle to get the fitting started on the barb that I ended up with REALLY sore fingers and a very significant and painful blister. I asked Drip Depot IF there was a better tool and they very wisely suggested that I buy their 1/4" vinyl tubing.  I did, and I am now converted; Hallelujah, I have seen the light....the only comparison I can think of is when I was young, we had a black and white tv and the first time I went to my neighbors and saw a COLOR TV for the first time. So take my advice and IF you are struggling with 1/4" tubing made by another manufacturer, buy some of the Drip Depots' vinyl tubing. Save your fingers and save a lot of time and energy. Their tubing is wonderful and soft and easy to work with. 

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