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Help! Can't get emitters to drip

I'm installing a new drip line. I have plenty of pressure, I've tested to be sure water is getting to where I'm plugging my 1/4" line into my main 5/8" feed line. I've made sure that I have water out my feeder lines before I install the emitters. But as soon as I plug the emitters in and turn the zone on, I get an initial squirt out the emitters, then nothing. I've tried different emitters, different flow emitters, and can't get water to drip. I only have one emitter on the line so far! I have a 25 lb pressure regulator. Any ideas? I'm stumped.
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Hello Carla,

Thank you for reaching out!  We'll absolutely be happy to assist -- this one is very interesting, usually if water is reaching the end of the 1/4" tubing where you installed the dripper, it dripper will emit water.  Carla, when you have a moment could you send us a photo of the dripper with it installed?  Also where the 1/4" tubing is connected to the 5/8" main (both in the same photo would be best if possible).  Email this to where myself and some colleagues can take a look. 

I have a few ideas on what could be causing this, but want to collect more data before I dive into possible conclusions.  When you email us, include your order # (or the name it was ordered under if you don't have the order number) so I can take a look at the supplies you have.  No problems if you didn't order it from us, we're happy to troubleshoot all the same, we'd just need to get more information on what you have and are working with :) 

We look forward to assisting and thank you again for reaching out! 

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