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what to do when the water faucet is too low and there is no room for the whole set up

Hello everyone, 

I need some advise, I have an outside water faucet that is about 20 inches from the ground.  I dont know what to do, but what I am wanting is to be able to hook up the claber timer, then the filter, fertilizer but is not possible, so I thought I would like to go horizontal, with a good brass adapter but it has to be a T adapter that is not going to burst, and I dont have plumbing skills so sawdering is not an option

Anyone has a drawing or suggestions on what parts and the order for me to go horizontal instead of vertical?

I appreciate any help

BTW, I am installing a basic 2 ways drip system

Thank you 


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Hello Esther, 

Thank you for reaching out on our forum! 

With low to the ground spigots, there's a couple head assembly components that can help considerably, particularly the Tee Filter at this link: 3/4" GHT Tee Filter -- the tee shape gives it a smaller profile that can fit into smaller spaces. 

Another adapter that can help is this Gooseneck adapter: Brass Gooseneck w/ Shutoff.  The gooseneck can help take the assembly horizontal -- I use one of these in my home garden because of the same problem (mine is about 8" off the ground) and I also had to go horizontal.  If you do go horizontal it may be worth creating some kind of support for the head assembly to rest on since a full head assembly can get reasonably heavy.  

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